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Pristine Medical Billing has built its reputation on being a medical billing company that partners with their clients to help them achieve their goals. We understand how each clinic is unique and can identify its needs. Maintaining and increasing revenue is the goal of every business and how it’s achieved is significant. We carry a niche of being able to adapt to different clinics in order to help them reach their maximum potential. 

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A Message from the Founder



The utmost importance of any service industry is to be able to provide real guidance and support for another company. I learned to manage a clinic at the young age of 17 and was given the opportunity to run another clinic at the age of 19. The healthcare industry appealed to me the most because not only do I serve the doctors, but I serve the patients as well. Doctors and patients have much work to do together, and medical billing should be of their least concern.

Our company has also established an environment of working with our clients in a way that we are portrayed as their in-house medical billers. 

Pristine Medical Billing is becoming a true treasure because of the great success we've been able to achieve with our clients. Meeting with clients, working with them through the days and nights, and seeing their goals being achieved has been an inspiration in itself. Reliability and responsibility are two facets that we emphasize and as well as where we start and end. We promise to listen to your needs and deliver in ways others cannot.

I hope you work with us and allow us to find solutions through hard work and experience. We promise to fulfill your clinic's needs as we have done for many others.

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